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Corporate video for Effective Referrals
Client Experience

Sugars Cafe CEBU – 2 minute profile video

Interview with Bill Morse, Project Manager Cambodia Landmine Museum, Siem Reap, Cambodia November 2012

The Next Step- part 2 of Nico’s story

Follow the ongoing rehabilitation of Nico, a Filipino teenager from Manila who was born without hands and feet. This is the second video about Nico. Nico recently went back to the Prosthetic Ward – March 2013, Nico’s second visit, and was fitted for the first time with his own prosthesis. This event was a long time coming for Nico. The 3rd Dflix installment will reveal just how daunting the task of public health is in the Philippines, and at the same time showcase the excellent work of the dedicated health professionals at the University of Philippines and the Philippine General Hospital, Manila. Includes a review about young Nico’s first steps on artificial legs and how this is changing and empowering his life and his outlook for the future.

Examine the hidden reality of Sorcerers, Faith Healers and Black Magic in
Black Arts – Bad Omens, Sorcerers, Faith Healers pilot
View this pilot episode on Vimeo.com –
Black Arts pilot episode

Lolo Pedro - Faith Healer, Cebu

Lolo Pedro – Faith Healer. Black arts documentary.


4 Responses to recent Flix

  1. Duncs says:

    Hi Mike

    sounds interesting and fun there in the Whitsundays!
    Have replied to your email. talk with you soon.

  2. Mike says:

    Hi Duncan,

    I just discovered your site. We are currently in the Whitsunday’s filming an episode for our travel series that airs on CCTV China. Our camera operator has to leave one day early due to personal reasons and we require a stand in for on day. Would you be available next Tuesday 19th of November? You would be out on a yacht filming with a host and producer.

    If you’re interested, i’d love to hear from you.



  3. Duncs says:

    Hi David from Seattle
    Thanks for your comment. Currently I’m in Australia servicing some casual contracts. I am due to be back in Cebu before or around Christmas 2013 for at least a couple of months into the new year. Email me dunc@duncsflix.com around the time of your trip. would love to meet up over lunch at Sugars cafe or some other salubrious Cebu establishment.

    Dunc Coleman

  4. David in Seattle says:

    Hello Duncan,

    I’m David in Seattle, and have been planning a trip to Cebu, hopefully before the end of 2013. I am quite impressed with your POV re: Phils life and your calm demeanor. I lived and worked in China for 6 years, and have been planning a return to Asia to scope out a retirement path … something about Cebu. When I am in Cebu, how about lunch?

    David in Seattle, USA
    August 2013

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